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I am Sandra E Manning a 60-year old that writes stuff hence the logo, which on reflection seems to suggest that I suffer from chronic laryngitis when it is supposed to imply at least a degree of competence with the written word.

My first book The Funny Thing About Being a Widow?

Charts my journey through grief after losing my husband to cancer in 2014. Ever thankful that my sense of humour did not desert me, as so many other attributes did, I learned how to use the power of laughter to help me to deal with his loss and also lead me to create the concept of GOWNS – Grieving Overwhelmed Widows Negotiating Stuff.

The Funny Thing About Being a Widow? – book 1 is available now to purchase in either paperback or kindle format from

http://www.amazon.co.uk and http://www.kobo.com

Information. about the many benefits of using laughter as a therapeutic aid whilst grieving can be found on our website, and new members can also apply to join us on our Facebook page http://gownsgroup.co.uk

The second book in

The Funny Thing About Being a Widow?

series looks at the vulnerabilities of widows on internet dating sites. I did all my own stunt work in the process of researching material for this book, and the often hilarious consequences will be available to read about in early 2021.

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