Dating After Decades

It was my really great pleasure to be interviewed recently by Kathleen Pickrel to talk with her about my book The Funny Thing About Being a Widow? The results of which can be viewed below.

In the book, one of the topics I talk about is dating again after the loss of a spouse or partner. In my experience, the contemplation of a new relationship is one of the most challenging negotiations that we can face.

It was great to meet Kathleen who is a certified life coach and creator of Dating After Decades a course aimed at helping women back into the dating world after a long absence. Kathleen is herself a widow who lost her husband in 2014 after  25-years of marriage.

She soon discovered that a lot had changed on her return to the dating scene which made it a very scary place to be! Ultimately though, Kathleen was successful in finding a new and loving partner. She decided then to use her experience to help other women navigate the challenges she faced. You can view details of her course here at

Kathleen is currently offering a generous 50% discount to readers of this blog which can be accessed by entering coupon code 50percent at checkout.

My book The Funny Thing About Being a widow? is also available on Amazon and will be followed shortly by my next book The Funny Thing About Being a Widow-on a dating site.