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I am really excited to present my first ever guest on voices from another mother who is none other than the author, mentor and guru David Ashworth.

30 years ago, David had a massive spiritual awakening when Light was poured into him. He very soon began working as a healer and then more Light was poured into him. He continued serving humanity, the Universe and the Earth as ever-increasing amounts of Light continued to fill his heart.

In 2005 David founded The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment based on teachings he received. The Light and Teachings of the Emerald Heart open your heart to discover your real true self and what you are here to do in this life.

As a spiritual guide and teacher, he serves people worldwide with Light to enhance their lives. There are many self-help tools available from the processes he has created to support the growth and development of the individual.

David currently offers a regular Darshan Light Transmission; runs Circle of Light Earth Healing Community and has written 8 books.

You can join his mailing list for regular spiritual teachings at his website below. More hearts are always needed to join in with our Earth Healing too.

www.davidashworth.guru  www.emerald-heart.co.uk

The living essence of the Circle of Light – Your Mother Earth

Did you thank Mother Earth this morning?

If you treat Mother Earth as you would treat your own mother, then you might be getting on to the right wavelength to understand the truth of reality.

Now, there’s a statement to begin with. Lol.

Do people really think that everything in the Universe is made of rock and has no soul?

Do people really think that the Earth is not a living being?

I can understand why they might think that. The answer is that they can’t hear her breathing. They can’t see her eyes opening. They can’t understand this particular life form as it doesn’t function like a dog or a bird.

I have some very tiny creatures living in a crack on my bathroom windowsill. They have been there for years. Sometimes they come out and run around on a tile and then disappear again into the crack that is their home. They are so tiny that if they didn’t move you wouldn’t see them. They are like specks of dust but they have been living there for at least ten years that I know of. If I was to spill some bathroom cleaning chemical accidentally on the windowsill they would be annihilated and no record of their lives would ever be known.

Such is Life!

So, I take care to honour them.

Death is life
Life is always on the very edge of death, but death is not the end of life because the spirit is eternal. The physical manifestation of life is but a temporary thing for the growing experience of the soul. As each life cycle completes, the essence of spirit returns to the great ocean of wisdom, which is everywhere.

I saw it happen once, the nature of spirit returning to source. It was amazing and life changing for me. I have written about it before, but I’ll share a little here to remind you.

As I drove down my lane one evening around tea time, I was hurrying to help a friend. As I rounded a slight curve, two great oaks had been felled from the hedgerow and lay murdered in a field. I was beside myself with grief, it hit me so hard in the heart, but I couldn’t stop as I had an appointment. I was back within half an hour and I parked the car and ran down the lane to the trees.

At the time, I was preparing for a retreat and had been in the woods a few times to see if I could find any oak wands. Oak dies off slowly over years and part of the process is for small branches to die back but remain as skeletons on the tree for years until eventually falling to earth. I wanted to find 30 wands for the attendees of the retreat. However, after several trips into the woods, I had found only one wand.

As I approached the trees, I walked to the far tree first, the biggest, and climbed up onto its now horizontal trunk. Walking up the trunk from the hedgerow, I could see some wands that had broken off as the tree had hit the ground. I was at one moment filled with the pain of grief for the life of the tree and at the same time filled with excitement at seeing some wands sticking up like daggers and swords piercing the earth.

I jumped down and began to gather up the wands that were scattered all around the canopy. There were exactly 30. Even in the process of dying this tree had given me a most amazing gift.

I went to fetch the car and took the wands home and then returned with some candles. I placed a candle upon each huge stump, which were about a metre and a half across. I lit the candles and said some words for the trees and then went home.

The following day, I went down again in the evening. Everything was gone. Whoever had cut the trees had returned and every last twig had been removed. There was no sign at all of these great oaks, other than the stumps. The woodsmen had carved the date into the stump and in fairness to them, had replaced the candles in the centre of each of the two stumps.

I went down again the following night to say a few prayers and relight the candles and whilst standing in front of the other tree, which had offered no wands at all, suddenly, the spirit of the tree released from its roots in a kind of whooshing misty essence. It flowed up into the sky, merging with the great spirit that is everything. It was the most stunning thing I have ever witnessed and a clear demonstration that there is no death. We merely leave this place and are reabsorbed into the great ocean of wisdom that flows throughout eternity.

Both of those trees gave me a great gift. Why? Because I loved them and was so hurt when they were cruelly cut down? And maybe because I took the time and made the effort to go and comfort them. But even before that, the wands were given.

Why does anything happen?
There is a great power in the Universe that tries to help and guide us. How did that tree arrive on the ground and offer exactly 30 wands a week before I needed them?

I have seen some amazing things in my mystical life, especially how the Universe acts through one person to help another person. I have seen people struggling with life and when coming for help give me the answer to their ills so that I can offer it back to them as a healing. It is all in the nature of reflection. It seems to happen like this. Once they actually make the effort to reach out for help and then step forward to receive, the help they need often comes out of their own mouth even though they have no memory of having said it. That is how the Universe helps them, by guiding the healer to bring light to their problem.

If there is someone you have issues with, look to yourself for they are only reflecting something in you. Look hard at yourself all the time. At your thoughts and actions and note where they are not perfect. For any imperfection will reflect back to you until you get it right.

Did the Universe act through the farmer to cut the trees down just to give me 30 wands when I needed them? I have no idea, but it would not surprise me.

Honour all life because it is a part of you and you are a part of it. There is no separation.

The tiny creatures whose world is in a crack on my windowsill are safe. Each one of them has a tiny heart that beats with the essence of the universe and who am I to stamp it out? Carelessly or otherwise.

Each heart is connected to every other heart in this world, even though most people can’t feel it. We are all a part of the web of life and Mother Earth provides everything we need to survive. She asks nothing in return, other than to respect her and know that she is not just a rock in space. She is your Mother.

That is why I try to help her with a little Earth Healing four times a year. I hope you will join my Circle of Light and help her too. You have the opportunity to do so. Only you can make that decision though.

It is Mother Earth who created this Circle of Light. It was she who offered it to me so that I could offer it to humanity. Through my dedication to the Light of All that Is, I have been rewarded with the ability to bring Light from the Universe into Mother Earth for her healing. The way I do this is through my own heart and through the hearts of those who will join with me to allow Light to flow through your heart and into the heart of our Mother.

I have created a Path of Light, which flows from Source to whatever destination I connect it to. I can flow this Path of Light through your heart and into Mother Earth. It is our hearts that she desires as the heart is the only thing that connects the spirit of all things together.

Doing the Right Thing
We all have many choices each day to do the right thing. At the end of each day, we have the opportunity to reflect on all the decisions we made. Sometimes through lack of thought, we may not have done the right thing, and that is what builds our karma. As we walk our path through life, with effort and some luck we may better ourselves by making more right choices than unthinking ones.

As we make more Right Choices, we become more aligned with Universal Consciousness, The Source or whatever you want to call it. As we become more at one with the whole, then it flows more into our lives to guide us in even better ways. We become a greater part of the living essence that is life.

Life is not just living. Life is when you get it right.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.


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