The Funny Thing About Being a Widow?

Ooookay people…2019 is rapidly drawing towards its conclusion and, as you can see, my 1st book the Funny Thing About Being a Widow is FINALLY in print and scheduled for release next week and will be available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book format.

Getting the first of my three ‘Funny Widow’ babies to the delivery ward after an extended gestation period to rival that of a frilled shark has been an experience like no other. I have pushed and shoved my creation towards the outside world until finally despite the often tortuous mode of its delivery, both author and offspring can be said to be both doing well and looking forward to sharing their story.

Please take the time, if you can, to leave an honest review of the above title on Amazon.

My next title in the series about widow’s and dating sites is planned for release early next year. Thanking you all as always for your kind support