Follow the yellow book’s road?

Ooookay people…time for some of my books to venture out into the world or at least my tiny part of it in the Greater Manchester area, all by themselves.

I am going to leave 5 books over the next 5 days in 5 different locations to be gifted to whoever finds them. Each book will have the following note attached.

Hello dear reader

Congratulations!! You have just found a copy of a book I have written entitled

The Funny Thing About Being a Widow?

This is my gift to you to keep with my compliments completely FREE!!

All I ask is that once you have read the book that you either, pass it on to someone else or leave it along with this note in a new location of your choosing to be discovered by another reader.

If you want to, you can leave a comment on my facebook page at Sandra E Manning under the pinned post entitled Follow the Yellow Book Road? Telling me where you found the book, what you thought of it and where you chose to leave it to pass forward.

Anyone who wishes to can leave an honest review of the book at on my product page by typing in Sandra E Manning into a book search. This would be a great help to an independent author such as myself in her attempts to get her ‘voice’ heard. Thank you.

You can also subscribe to my blog at and learn more about using laughter as a therapy in grief at

Kind regards

Sandra E Manning