Game set and match! 1st update

It has been just over a week now since my last confession and it has been one that has yielded mixed results. Like our esteemed Prime Minister Rishi Sunak who has made 5 pledges aimed at improving the health of the nation,  I chose 5 aimed at improving my own. I have no clue as […]

Game set and match!

  First service Tie break   This morning I awoke to find myself on the potential cusp of a whole new start. Not that there haven’t been many other occasions when I have made this exact same proclamation only for my good intentions to evaporate into the ether usually by lunchtime on the same day. […]

When springs are bustin’ out all over?

The above is a photograph of what until very recently was my permanent place of residence, and after performing above and beyond for almost two years my lockdown chair not unreasonably called time on its relationship with my bottom. I knew that this parting of the ways was both inevitable and necessary at some point, […]

A Light bulb moment?

Ooookay people… if this rather large light bulb dangling from the ceiling in my newly refurbished office doesn’t qualify me for a ‘moment’ I really don’t know what will. The phrase ‘lightbulb moment’ is designed to convey the arrival of an inspirational thought in all the time it takes to illuminate well… a light bulb. […]