Time for change

Ooookay people…hello and welcome to my brand new website and blog. Quite how a technologically challenged individual such as I, has got even this far, has something of the mystical about it, but not everything I post on here now is ending up on the Facebook page of a Bewildered bloke in Bangkok, so I think I can safely presume that progress of sorts is at last being made.

As my 60th birthday looms later in the year I am determined to have achieved a number of things before it does, and creating this little corner of on line space is one of them. Not that it has been an easy task for someone who still struggles with the addition of a new remote control into her world, as I find myself learning that widgets are not confined to the bottom of cans of Guinness, and plug ins too have uses which extend beyond those of powering up my corded Dyson, or charging my smart phone which I suspect graduated from college rather than Cambridge.

I am spending my days on You Tube listening to one new instructional video after another, which if I am honest are not really helping much, but gee whiz my American accent is freakin’ awesome right now though guys.

Another box ticked is the completion of two books I have written, the first of which is entitled -The funny thing about being a widow and is due to be published soon. The words ‘funny’ and ‘widow’ may seem like incongruous bedfellows but when I lost my husband of 36 years to gastric cancer, it was my sense of humour which allowed me to survive the worst pain I have ever experienced, and lead to the creation of our GOWNS website, an acronym for Grieving Overwhelmed Widows Negotiating Stuff. Anyone wanting more information about the benefits of using laughter as a therapy in grief, or who is interested in joining our page on Facebook can find further information here http://gownsgroup.co.uk

My second book – The funny thing about being a widow on a dating site, describes my own experiences on having joined several of them, which lead me to agree to a first date at a funeral, take part in a ‘bigamous marriage’ in Las Vegas and to hide in a shed at a local garden centre from a guy who had turned up dressed like Andy Pandy.

Publication dates will be announced here on a page specifically designed for that purpose, just as soon as I learn how to create it. I will also provide further updates in this blog too. Please feel free to sign up to receive future blogs by e-mail if you would like to join both of my other followers, the reach of the internet is already working its magic!

In the meantime I will persevere with my communicative endeavours, seeking to locate the elusive steering wheel on a dashboard which hints at the presence of a directional tool, but conceals it rather well. Trust me when I do find it, I will put myself well and truly in the driving seat.