Ooookay people…as I sit here at my desk today, which I don’t expect you to believe is the one portrayed in the image above, even my limited IT skills are sufficiently developed to circumvent the need for a quill, but is the one I used to try to convince you that I am a serious professional. In a world where thanks to social media platforms, we tend to believe what we see, even when what we see, is not necessarily what we are getting, I got to wondering about the whole concept of image versus ‘reality’.

For instance I wear make-up to disguise the fact that my once dewy complexion is now, at the age of nearly 60, the texture of an elephants arse, and my chin has given birth to triplets, an innocent enough attempt at disguising this type of ‘reality’, but a form of delusion never the less. We lie about what we drink, and then appear most nights on Facebook raising fully charged glasses of Prosecco, with cheeks rosier than Snow White’s fateful apple, because Prosecco tends to make us forget to manipulate the filters on our photographic devices, which inadvertently reveals that we might have been lying about our ages too.

It might seem that our politicians want to resolve Brexit, but the ‘reality’ is they are all currently knee deep in hot cross buns and Easter bunny droppings at a time of national crisis. It looked like Kevin, he of strictly fame, was just a talented hoofer, but now it is being said that he has developed ‘slippery snake’ tendencies too, one can only hope that that, doesn’t fall out during his next Pasa- Doble. So in this context I give you my actual desk, a scene of chaos, and owing to a week old chicken sandwich I found in the drawer, a definite health hazard too, but this is the ‘reality’ of my working environment.

The truth might not be pretty, or what people want to see…but how much more useful would it be to tell it like it is? If there isn’t a market out there for what I do, then no amount of slick images will make one iota of difference or will it?

Have a great Easter everyone, enjoy those eggs which are also quite possibly fake too, in that they don’t taste like they did when I was a kid…but then that might just be because of my false teeth…I rest my case.