The chocolate Labrador chronicles

Ooookay puppy lovers…my name is Wispa. I am 12 weeks old and standing in for my mum today here on her blog. As you can see I am pretty flippin’ cute and though I say it myself my dribble is much more entertaining than my mum’s dribble. Keep that one under your puppy training pads though, because I am still learning the combination to the snack cupboard.

I was born on April fools day but I think my mum is much more foolish than me because she falls for my puppy eyes routine every single time I do something naughty. I just stick back my ears, assume the position and she is putty in my paws. Before I came to live in my new house I used to live on a farm in Wales and at first, I was very sad to leave it, but I am getting used to all the new sights and smells in my new home…or I was.

Disaster struck earlier this week and whilst I was enjoying playing with my toys I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my back leg boy did that hurt! My mum whisked me off to the vet and they put me to sleep so that they could take some pictures of the bones in my leg, not my best feature to be honest. As it turns out one of the bones in my leg was broken. The guys at the vets must have been born on the 1st of April too because they couldn’t get enough of my puppy dog eyes and tail wagging routine either and even wanted to keep me. At first, they thought I would need something called an operation? But the orthopaedic vet said my leg would get better on strict cage rest.

So now I have to rest my leg and not play with toys or run around which is a shame because I was pretty speedy and really enjoyed watching my mum try to catch up with me, she pants more than I do.

I don’t know how long I have to stay in prison no one will tell me, but I can tell you it’s getting very boring in here. Still, my mum and dad seem pretty pleased that I have learned that they don’t seem to like their carpets wet, and I shout them now when I want to go to the toilet. You should see how crazy they get when I pooh outside, they sure seem to love their shagpile.

Still, writing this blog is helping me to pass the time in solitary confinement I don’t what mum finds so hard about it. It really is pretty straightforward once you have learned how to paws for good effect.

Wow! It’s nearly labracadabrador time already. I need to start my poorly paw whimper so that mum will spring me from my crate and put some of that painkiller stuff in my pooched eggs, works like magic every time humans are so predictable.

If anyone would like me to take over from mum again from time to time just leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to oblige.


Here are some pictures of me in my prison and resting up with mum. Bark again soon!